UK’s Best Cheap Web Hosting 2018

I personally test the UK's best cheap web hosting providers and rank them based on Price, Page Loading Speeds, Server Security, Server Uptime & Customer Support.

You are searching for the UK’s best cheap web hosting, right?

The problem is, you don’t know who you can trust and your 100% right to think that, it really is a minefield out there & you may lose an arm and a leg!

Unfortunately, 99% of people who create review websites that recommend cheap hosting, have an ulterior motive…

They are all motivated by how much they make in affiliate commissions when you signup through their links…

So most of the time, the rankings you’re presented with could be affected by how much money the website owner makes, if you signup.

If you visit ANY cheap website hosting review website that even mentions GoDaddy or HostGator, then put on your trainers and run 100 miles in the opposite direction. You’d be better off, setting your money on fire🔥

After doing research on other hosting review websites in the UK, what I found was shocking.

  • Not ONE of them maintains accounts on ALL services they list for ongoing testing purposes, with some not testing the services at all.
  • Not ONE of them provide you with server performance testing data with complete transparency, honesty means nothing to these people.
  • Not ONE of them host their own website on the #1 service they are recommending you use for your own website.
  • In fact, some of them actually host their own websites on servers owned by companies that have no relation to ANY of the services they recommended you use.

What does this tell you?

First of all, this tells you they don’t trust the services they recommend and are not good enough for them, so why would they be good enough for you.

Secondly, if they recommend something they don’t use themselves, there has to be an ulterior motive behind it, which in most cases, is due to the fact that the company listed #1, pays them the most commissions for sales.

They cannot be trusted, it’s just as simple as that!

After watching this madness go on and on for too long, I decided to take matters into my own hands…

I set out to prove which cheap web hosting companies in the UK deserve your money, based on EXTENSIVE regular testing, so there is no doubt.

After much deliberation, coffee & hobnobs BestCheapWebHosting.co.uk was born!

You see, over the last 10 years, I’ve been working as a freelancer part-time and have built up a solid reputation working with business owners across the globe & generated over 230+ positive testimonials on People Per Hour…

I work primarily on WordPress websites, whether that be building the websites, optimising them or marketing them, so I have a ton of knowledge on web hosting, how they work and which providers deliver massive value…

So If you can place your trust in me, as hundreds of other people already have, then I can steer you in the right direction, making sure that you buy the very best cheap website hosting available…

Just because you don’t want to pay a monthly fortune for a powerful server you don’t need, this does not mean you have to compromise on features or quality of service and support.

I personally use and constantly test ALL cheap web hosting companies myself.

What sets BestCheapWebHosting.co.uk apart from other cheap web hosting review websites, is the fact that I put my money where my mouth is.

If I say a UK cheap web hosting service is the best and is ranked #1, then you can bet your life that my own websites are hosted on the same service, on the very same packages that I recommend.

It makes sense that I use the best cheap hosting service too, don’t you agree?

I’ve made it my personal mission to perform regular extensive tests on server performance, stability, security, features and support for each of the UK’s best cheap web hosting providers, so I can deliver honest rankings.

I promise to share every single test result with you (good or bad), so you can make a more informed decision.

On this website, you will find cheap web hosting rankings you can trust, based on real facts and figures, all of which will be made public, nothing hidden, nothing shady, just the truth.

When all said and done, the choice is always yours, so I will just give you the facts, so you can make a smart one!

Best Cheap Web Hosting FAQ

  1. Why are these web hosting services so cheap?
  2. How do I choose the right cheap web hosting?
  3. What is diskspace and how much will I need?
  4. How are the best cheap web hosting companies ranked?
  5. Do you allow independent cheap web hosting reviews?
  6. Do cheap web hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth?
  7. What’s the best cheap web hosting for my business?
  8. What’s the best cheap web hosting for WordPress?
  9. Why buy cheap web hosting when I can get free web hosting?

Why are these web hosting services so cheap?

The main reason why the web hosting companies featured above are so cheap is due to the fact that your website is located on a server which is shared with other customers.

Otherwise known as shared web hosting, the total resources available on each server are shared between a selection of other customers who are allocated a portion of the resources available (usually less than 5% of the total resources per customer, per server).

This type of hosting is more than sufficient to run small content based websites, ideal for personal or business use, such as portfolio websites for freelancers, blogs or lead generation websites used for small businesses.

The only issues you will face is if your website grows to a point that your website starts to use more than 5% of the server resources, such as a website with thousands of daily visitors, which is not very common.

If your website outgrows your shared web hosting environment, then you will be kindly asked to upgrade your hosting or move to either a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server, as your growth will affect the performance of other websites who share the same server.

As this level of growth is uncommon with personal and small business websites, this makes shared or cloud web hosting an ideal and affordable solution to get your website online, as the server resources you have access to on these cheaper web hosting plans, are more than enough to start with.

How do I choose the right cheap web hosting?

If you have never built a website or purchased web hosting before, then this can be a confusing process and is one of the reasons why I test cheap web hosting providers and recommend the best ones I can find on this website, to make it an easier, less confusing process for you.

The top 5 affordable hosting companies I recommend are ideal for people who have little OR no experience building websites and managing web hosting accounts, as they have simple control panels that are easy to navigate and understand.

Whether you want to build an online store to sell your products online, start a blog to grow a community of online followers or create a professional website to generate online leads for your business, every single provider I recommend here has the features you need to make that happen quickly and easily.

All of these providers offer an extensive knowledge base on their websites which are full of text and video tutorials that explain and clearly show you step by step, how to manage every aspect of their control panels, from setting up email to installing software such as WordPress or Shopping Carts.

So it’s a case of deciding on what you want to do, watching the related video tutorials and then implementing it yourself on your own control panel for your own website.

You will notice that most web hosting companies offer a similar set of features, but might just be either worded differently or presented in a different package at a different price, so getting caught up in the technical details will do you no favors and just hold you back.

I have been personally using these particular providers for more than 10 years now and know them inside out, so if you need anyone’s advice based on your own specific needs, then all you have to do is contact me from this website and I would be happy to help.

What is diskspace and how much will I need?

Disk space is simply how much room on the server is allocated to your website and is measured in either MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes).

Think of this the same as the amount of available space on your smartphone, when you download apps, take photos and record videos, the amount of available space on your phone reduces, this is the same as with a web hosting server for your website.

The size of your entire website, once it’s built, is hard to determine, as this will depend on the type of website you build, the type of content and how many pages it has, as it could be WordPress like mine, or could be hand-built by a web developer in HTML or PHP.

According to httparchive.org, the average size of a webpage on January 1st, 2018 is 3565KB, which is just over 3.5MB, so with a 10-page website (which is common for a small business), you should expect to use around 40-50MB for your entire website.

Websites that have lots of large images and video will use more disk space than websites that focus on text content, so keep that in mind.

What’s useful to know is that larger websites also load slower for your website visitors and is not particularly user-friendly, as people are not very patient in today’s society and may leave your website before it’s even loaded, if it takes too long.

No matter how large your website is, it’s always a good practice to implement caching that takes snapshots of your web pages for faster delivery to your website visitors, also reducing the load on your server.

I use Cloudflare, which is a free CDN (content delivery network), which does this exact thing and loads a copy of my webpages from a server location closest to the person who visits my website, which is like a website super-charger and is more secure too.

All of the cheaper priced web hosting companies I have recommended on this website offer more than enough diskpace for you to build several large websites, so it’s not something you will need to worry about, IF you intend on building a website for personal or small business use.

If you intend on launching a gaming server, video hosting OR file hosting website, then shared web hosting is not sufficient enough and is against the terms of service from these providers, so you would have to find something more suitable.

Also, if you intend on building a social network or community forum, then these cheap web hosting providers will only be suitable for so long, as these types of websites constantly grow with user generated content such as text, videos and images which will eventually overload the shared server environment.

How are the best cheap web hosting companies ranked?

Before you figure out which cheap web hosting company is best for your particular needs, it’s best you first understand what differentiates one leading provider from the next.

As I personally have my own accounts on every cheap hosting provider I have ranked on this website, I can test the server performance with my own test websites on each platform individually.

Here is a list of what I test on a regular basis, to ensure the rankings you see here, actually reflect the level of service you will receive today if you decide to sign up to any of the companies I recommend:

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #1:

Website Loading Speeds.

As I host test websites on all providers servers, I build an average site (such as a small business website) with web pages that are around 3MB in size, which is the average size of web pages these days.

I use WordPress, so the websites I use to initiate the tests, all have the same version of WordPress installed and have the same theme, with the same amount of content, images and video.

I do not install any caching plugin or content delivery network such as Cloud Flare, which are often installed to boost loading speeds.

So when the test results come in, the page loading speed metrics you will find on this cheap web hosting review website are the loading speeds of the actual providers shared servers themselves.

As I feature shared web hosting plans on this website, that is the exact same plans I have for testing purposes, so I’m also using shared web hosting, not VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting.

To test the website loading speed I use the advanced website performance test over on webpagetest.org, which runs a website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (IE and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #1 - Website Loading Speeds

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #1 – Website Loading Speeds

As I’m based in the UK, the test location will be set to London and the results of each test I perform on a monthly basis will be posted on the review page for each particular hosting provider.

This gives you a good idea of how well the shared web hosting servers perform, as the servers I’m testing, are the same ones you will have access to if you purchase the same services from the same company.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #2:

Security Vulnerability Scans.

I’ve had some really bad issues in the past with security vulnerabilities, especially when using WordPress.

In one case, my entire website was once deleted, so it’s highly important that you select a company that can be trusted with your website files, as your business could be targeted and taken offline in the blink of an eye.

I use the Hacker Target WordPress security scanner to test vulnerabilities of a WordPress installation.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #2 - Security Vulnerability Scans

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #2 – Security Vulnerability Scans

Checks include application security, WordPress plugins, hosting environment and web server.

The scan is comprehensive and all results for each of my test websites will be posted on the review pages of each cheap web hosting company listed on the homepage.

If there is a security vulnerability on any of my test websites, the Hacker Target WordPress security scan will find it and I will tell you about it, no secrets here.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #3:

Server Uptime Monitoring.

When you visit a cheap web hosting company website, you will see most of them talking about uptime and their promises on uptime guarantee.

Uptime is simply how long the website stays online on average over time and most companies guarantee around 99.9% uptime, which is a bold claim, so I constantly monitor uptime on my test websites to make sure they deliver what they promise.

Uptime is extremely important as if your website is offline on a regular basis without your knowledge, it can be extremely damaging to your business, especially if you are running paid advertising, as people will click on your ads and you will be charged, even if your websites offline.

I have noticed with some other cheap web hosting review websites, they do actually track uptime statistics, but the website they are tracking is the company website, which is the completely wrong domain name to track.

This will give you false results, as the host’s company website is hosted on much more powerful dedicated servers, although if you purchase cheap website hosting, your website will be on shared servers.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #3 – Server Uptime Monitoring

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #3 – Server Uptime Monitoring

This is why I track uptime stats using Uptime Robot on my own test websites which are hosted on the shared web hosting plans, so you get a clear and honest look at how well they perform, and if they really do deliver on their uptime guarantee promises.

You can view my live uptime tracker of all of my testing websites, across all web hosting providers here.

It’s also a good idea that when you do buy cheap web hosting, that you also set up an uptime tracker for your own website, so you can be alerted when your website goes offline, giving you a better chance to pause your active advertising campaigns until the issues are resolved.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Test #4:

Support Staff Competency.

Most of the top cheap hosting services you will research offer a wide range of support such as your general email support, online ticket desks, knowledge base articles or video tutorials and also phone support, social media support and live chat support.

Most cheap web hosting review websites you will find only test the response times of support, which in all honesty, can fluctuate between 1 minute and 1 day, so that is not really a solid way to test any provider.

What I do is break my websites on purpose and then have a fake melt-down on live support to see how competent and efficient live support staff are, on a regular basis.

The type of “breakage” is something random such as changing the file permissions on a particular folder/file so the website no longer loads, changing file names, installing outdated plugins or deleting a particular file completely, just to see how quickly the support staff find the issue and offer a solution.

You see, testing live chat response times as other review sites do, will not offer you any value at all, as the response times depend on the level of requests at the specific time you need support, but my tests offer you true value, which give you a good idea of what to expect when you request support from the companies I recommend.

I do this on a monthly basis and will post all my findings (good or bad) on the review pages of the cheap web hosting companies I feature on here, so you can see exactly how consistent they are over time.

Do you allow independent cheap web hosting reviews?

Just so you are clear on the purpose of this website, you need to understand that BestCheapWebHosting.co.uk is not a review community, where customers of each service can leave their opinions.

My website’s sole purpose is to deliver extensive testing results to people who are researching the best cheap web hosting sites, so you can compare the capabilities and performance of the server with other similar providers.

The main reason I decided against allowing people to leave reviews is simply due to the fact that:

  1. Many people who leave negative reviews, do so out of spite, rather than actual facts, due to their lack of experience building websites or managing web hosting accounts.This offers you no value at all and will just confuse your decision making, rather than sticking to the facts of each particular host.
  2. The web hosting companies themselves have been known to hire people to write positive testimonials on web hosting review communities to inflate their own rankings, which is not something I have time or the patience to deal with.
  3. The web hosting companies themselves have been known to hire people to write negative testimonials on web hosting review communities to deflate their competitor’s rankings, which is not something I have time or the patience to deal with.

Besides all the above, which in all honesty, would be a nightmare for me to manage correctly, the rankings you see on this website are not based on the reviews and ratings of other people.

The providers that rank the highest have proven to deliver better performance, stability and security on a consistent basis, based on the several different extensive tests I personally perform on a regular basis.

By ranking providers this way, we can stick to the facts and figures, rather than speculation and the opinions of others, who may have had a bad day that day, which happens to us all.

I have lost count of how times I have read a negative review on other web hosting review communities and thinking to myself almost immediately that the real issue was not the host, but the customers lack of experience.

So at this time, I do not allow independent UK cheap web hosting reviews and more than likely never will.

When reading other peoples opinion on other web hosting review communities, you’re best keeping the above in mind, as you never know if it’s an actual customer, the website owner or the company themselves.

Don’t ever be persuaded to purchase something based on other people’s opinions, that’s a recipe for disaster and the chances are, your experience with the same provider maybe completely different.

When you decide on where to host your website, start with the facts, do your own research and make your own decision based on your own specific needs and budget, that way if anything goes wrong, there’s only yourself to blame.

You also need to be aware that just because I rank a provider #1, this does not mean you should use that company. All I can do is share the results of my tests, so the provider you choose is your responsibility, not mine.

Do cheap web hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth?

On a selection of the best companies I recommend for cheap web hosting above, you will notice me mention unlimited disk space & unlimited bandwidth…

But do these top 5 best web hosting providers really offer unlimited resources for such a low price?

The short, truthful answer to this question is no!

I think it’s basically a marketing tactic that is popular among the most popular cheap website hosting companies who are in fierce competition with each other.

The words “unlimited” are used to persuade you to signup to their services, although if you read the small print, then you will soon discover that they have terms and conditions in place to ensure no one abuses the offer.

For example:

TSOhost state they offer unlimited bandwidth, but directly above this, they mention a maximum of 25,000 pageviews across all your sites on the personal cloud web hosting plan.

So TSOhost’s personal plan clearly doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth at all and I cannot understand why they even mention unlimited in the first place, especially when it’s clear that they have limitations in place?

No company could maintain an unlimited offer on anything, as they only have so many resources available, especially on shared web hosting, so don’t be fooled by the mention of unlimited, it’s just a gimmick.

The simple fact is this, if your website becomes too popular or uses too much disk space, then you will be asked to upgrade to a more sufficient server that’s allocated more resources, which is in line with your specific requirements.

After all, these companies are in business to make a profit and if your website is draining their resources and your only paying a few quid per month, then it will not be too long before:

  1. Your bill increases so they actually make a profit based on your increasing need for disk space or monthly bandwidth.
  2. You will be asked to upgrade to a more powerful server, which could cost 10x the amount of your existing cheap hosting plan.
  3. Or the last resort for them is to disable your website completely and ask you to move it to another provider, so other websites on your shared server are not affected.

Before you sign up to any web hosting plan, ensure you take the time to read through their terms of service, so you are not affected, as the last thing you want to discover is that your website is offline during a paid advertising campaign.

You could lose a lot of money on paid ads if this happens, so be careful and be smart. Ask your web hosting provider how many visitors your hosting plan can handle before it becomes an issue, as there will be a limit and it may surprise you.

What’s the best cheap web hosting for my business?

When selecting a company to host your business website, especially when it’s low-cost web hosting, you need to ensure that the provider you use does not compromise on quality, due to the low monthly or yearly fees.

You need to keep the following in mind when doing your research, as the company you select must meet most or better, all of the following criteria:

  • The server must load your website quickly and have a minimum of 99.9% uptime
  • You must have enough disk space and monthly bandwidth to allow for growth
  • You must have access to a wide range of features to enhance your website
  • Your data must be backed up on a regular basis in case of an emergency
  • Your server must be secure from hackers and have no major vulnerabilities
  • The support staff must be able to offer simple solutions to any issues quickly

If you ensure all the above criteria are met, then you will have no problems running your business website and will not have to worry about your website going offline, which could lose you business leads.

This is especially important if you intend on implementing paid marketing campaigns for your business on Google Adwords, Facebook ads or any other paid advertising platform, as you not only want your website to load super fast, but you want the website to actually be online.

Studies have shown that 57% of online consumers abandon a site after waiting 3 seconds for a page to load, so your website better load lightning fast or you will end up paying for clicks that provide zero ROI.

One of the metrics I use to rank the best cheap web hosting companies includes the page loading speed, so by visiting the review page of each provider on bestcheapwebhosting.co.uk, you can compare the loading speeds of each host.

I personally find this metric to be one of the most important, as after all, web hosting is purchased for one simple reason, to load a website that your potential customers can view, so you can generate more leads for your business.

If your website loads slow (more than 3 seconds) then your potential customers may leave your website before they have even had a chance to consume your content, fill out a contact form or find your phone number.

Although there are ways you can improve the loading speed of your website, such as using a CDN (content delivery network) and caching, it’s always a good idea to go with a hosting company that already has a solid foundation to build on, so anything else you implement only makes it even faster.

What sets TSOhost apart from the rest is the fact that their shared web hosting packages are on the cloud, which offers a more stable environment and is quickly scalable based on the needs of each specific website sharing each server.

Cloud web hosting on a shared basis, is by far the most powerful, secure, stable and affordable option compared to your standard shared web hosting provided by the majority of cheap web hosting providers, which is why I host my own website with TSOhost & so should you.

What’s the best cheap web hosting for WordPress?

Before you decide on which hosting company you want to join, it’s a good idea to first understand the server requirements of WordPress.

Here’s the following information regarding server requirements, directly from WordPress.org

To run WordPress we recommend your host supports:

  • PHP version 7.2 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater
  • HTTPS support

That’s really it. We recommend Apache or Nginx as the most robust and featureful server for running WordPress, but any server that supports PHP and MySQL will do.

Note: If you are in a legacy environment where you only have older PHP or MySQL versions, WordPress also works with PHP 5.2.4+ and MySQL 5.0+, but these versions have reached official End Of Life and as such may expose your site to security vulnerabilities.

Not required, but recommended for better security

Hosting is more secure when PHP applications, like WordPress, are run using your account’s username instead of the server’s default shared username. Ask your potential host what steps they take to ensure the security of your account.

As I use WordPress to build all my own websites and my clients websites, it’s important that the web hosting company I use not only allows me to install the software from the control panel easily, but must also offer a stable server environment so I have no security issues.

In the past, many of my WordPress websites have been hacked due to poor server security when hosting with companies I no longer use or recommend, so this is certainly something you want to think about, as it can be very frustrating.

All of the best cheap web hosting companies I have listed on this website offer stable server environments for WordPress and can be installed from within their own control panels, with just a few clicks.

WordPress is by far the best way to build and manage your new website, especially if you have no programming or web design experience. With thousands of premium themes and plugins, you can build any type of website for any purpose, without much effort.

Why buy cheap web hosting when I can get free web hosting?

To put this in simple terms, free web hosting is notorious for attracting hackers, spammers and scammers who abuse the free shared servers that your website will share.

Here’s just a few of the never ending list of issues that you will face with free web hosting:

  • Your website will be offline more times than online
  • Your emails may never be delivered due to abused email servers
  • The IP of your server may be flagged for abuse, meaning poor search engine rankings
  • With poor security, your website will have more chance of been hacked
  • Your website files and databases could be completely deleted at any time, without notice
  • The web hosting package itself will have far too many limitations

If you are serious about your business, want to generate leads from Google and communicate with your customers via email, then free web hosting should be avoided at all costs.

You can get the best cheap web hosting that avoids all the above issues from just £1.00/month, so why would you join a free web hosting service if you will experience all the above issues, it’s just not worth the hassle.

Over the last 10 years, Aden has personally managed the web hosting accounts of more than 1000 websites for small business owners across the globe. He performs regular in-depth testing on ALL featured providers to bring you the best cheap web hosting services in the UK, based on ACTUAL FACTS!