Fasthosts.co.uk Review

There are a lot of cheap web hosts in the UK that you can work with, and many of them offer a great deal of options.

However, there is only one company that has “fast” in their name.

That company is Fasthosts, and they offer a great deal of options for those that are looking for hosting and different needs.

If you are in the market for shared web hosting, then you will find that there is no end to the solutions that are available.

Focusing on various solutions, you’ll find that Fasthosts can give you a great deal of opportunity at various price points.

You’ll find that they have tech, support, and a variety of benefits that come with shared hosting that you wouldn’t get with other companies.

Before purchasing anything, you should know whether or not the hosting you will get is up to par with industry standards.

If you’re on the fence, not sure whether any company is best, consider the break down of the features and options that come with this company’s shared hosting approach.

Cheap Web Hosting Options Available

Fasthosts.co.uk has 3 major tiers of shared web hosting to offer the general public. Each one has a variation of solutions that come with the space and will help you create many different projects.

The following are the 3 major options, and what comes with them.


The first solution that is offered by this host is only £2.50 per month. This is a low-cost solution that comes with a lot of special offers alongside.

If your goal is to setup a website, just one, you’ll enjoy the option that will help you with this solution. You’ll be able to setup a website, with 10GB of space, 2 databases, and basic overall SEO tools to get you going.

You also get a free domain name registration, and you’re on your way. It’s a no nonsense, easy to work with option that is not going to break the bank.


The most popular solution that you are going to find with this company is that of the Momentum package. This is a package that costs £7.00 a month.

It allows you to work with 3 websites, doubles your web space to 20 GB, and gives you 10 times more databases, as well as more advanced SEO tools.

Alongside that you can get 100 mail boxes, and of course a free year domain registration.

This solution garners a great deal of options for those that are building a website and want to do more than just one project.

3 projects is a great solution as you can share the hosting elements between all 3 and stand out across various different arenas.

This option garners a great deal of success for those that want marginal web hosting.


For those that want more advanced solutions, you’ll find that you will find that this company garners you a great deal of options for £15.00 per month.

This price tag doesn’t just garner you a few upgrades that other solutions don’t give you.

What you will receive with this plan is 100 websites, 120GB SSD space, 120 databases, advanced SEO tools, and 1090 mail extras, alongside many more bells and whistles.

This is a shared hosting that gives you a ton of space so that you can run through any type of website. This is a £15.00 plan that is surprisingly good and is fast to work with.

It’s faster than most options, and as far as shared solutions are concerned, it provides more than enough for your overall focused tech needs.

There are 3 overall solutions in regard to shared web hosting.

For those that need more than the initial hosting, the company does offer a great deal of solutions, but you will find that you’ll get a great deal of solutions at a limited price of just £2.50 a month.

Their lower tiered product is more than enough to help you out if you’re getting started.

However, experts that want something more, you’ll find that the Ultimate plan is a well-structured option as well.


The next thing that you are going to want to consider with this web host is in regard to whether they have support.

Without a good support system, your hosting provider could let you down in a critical situation.

Using fasthosts.co.uk’s shared hosting solution gives you a great deal of support.

They offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week complete support. You can call them, use their email system, and much more.

They offer support on all of their hosting elements, and if you run out of space with the existing plan that you’re on, they offer transitional upgrades with relative ease.

The company allows you to have professional support at all times, which delivers peace of mind.


  • Easy To Work With

  • Simple Hosting

  • Shared Hosting

  • Free Domain Name

  • Good Uptime

  • Variety


  • Higher Priced Than Most

  • Limitations Across Each Tier


The Bottom Line

As far as web hosting is concerned, you’ll find that fasthosts.co.uk offers a great deal of options.

In the shared hosting solution, you’re going to find that they have 3 tiers that are quite good.

They are simple solutions that will help you set up at least one simple website.

This is a simple site that can help you build a site. Whether you want a blog, a simple personal page, or any type of site you want to build, this is enough to get started.

Now, if you want to build something a bit bigger, you have two dynamic options to move forward with.

The largest option in the shared solutions, you’ll find that the £15.00 solution is well worth the price tag. It gives you more than enough space to work with, and delivers a well-plotted hosting solution.

Of course, you’ll find that you may want to go with a larger solution down the line, but to get you started, the Ultimate plan is definitely worth checking out this company.

With good reviews, good support, and a decent price, this is a solid choice in shared web hosting companies.

Over the last 10 years, Aden has personally managed the web hosting accounts of more than 1000 websites for small business owners across the globe. He performs regular in-depth testing on ALL featured providers to bring you the best cheap web hosting services in the UK, based on ACTUAL FACTS!