Names.co.uk Review

In order to get noticed online, no matter what you want to do, web hosting is a major step forward.

Without having a hosting account, you will not be able to build a website that is going to garner you a bit of success.

There are a lot of cheap UK hosting companies that you can work with, but only a few of them are going to give you everything you need without breaking the proverbial bank.

One of the companies that you may want to look into is that of Names.co.uk Web Hosting.

This is a company that offers a great deal of business tools, including domain names, web hosting, and dedicated servers for those that need more than just a simple hosting plan.

No matter what you’re in the market for, you can find digital real estate is easier to purchase and utilize than ever before.

The following breaks down the basics of Names.co.uk Web Hosting and gives you a bit more information on whether it’s the best option for your business, or personal hosting needs.

Options Available

Names.co.uk Web Hosting has a lot to offer up front, especially if you are starting out without a lot of experience with coding and building websites.

They offer a simplified solution to start, and then ramp up the cost and benefits as you pay a bit more. They offer 4 major hosting solutions and they are simplified below.


The starting line for your hosting needs will begin at around £4.99 per month. This is a low-cost option that comes with a lot of benefits.

Unlike other companies, you’ll receive a few bells and whistles with this option. That includes easy installation of WordPress and other CMS solutions, stock image discounts, free domain name, 50GB of space, multiple FTP accounts, and a lot more.

This may be their starter package, but they give you a great deal of tools to start.


The next option up includes a professional edge, with a focus on unlimited elements, including storage, and bandwidth.

You still get a free domain name, and several other options that you’d get with the starter, but you will have five times more domains to get, and 10 times more FTP accounts to use.

This is a stepping stone from beginner to novice, which is priced a bit more, but currently is on sale.


For those that want to build a site that is going to get a lot of attention, you’re going to want to check out this solution.

This is an option that has unlimited bandwidth, storage, host domains, FTP accounts and much more.

It gives you a lot of power and space to do whatever you’d like with your web hosting, alongside several other bells and whistles to help you get the most out of your digital real estate.


The larger hosting package that Names.co.uk offers features unlimited solutions, with a focus on reselling the hosting for others.

You will not have some of the features that traditional hosting gets, but instead, you’ll be able to resell the hosting to others, build websites for them, and start a business all on your own.

This solution costs £29.16 a month, but you can divide your digital real estate in multiple ways to get this paid for, or make a profit, it’s up to you how you use it.

Advanced Server Packages

Like other companies, Names.co.uk will offer a great deal of solutions that you will no doubt want to explore.

If you’re serious about business, and you want dedicated servers for any plans you may have, then you’ll want to focus on the more advanced server packages that are available.

Every package in this arena has a variety of benefits, but it starts with an Intel Xeon E3-1240 solution, 4 cores, 16GB RAM, and 2 x 1TB storage, alongside 10TB of bandwidth to start.

Of course, you can upgrade to building options that are upwards of 4 times larger, and faster, depending on what your needs are.

The only downside that is found with dedicated servers here is that there’s no initial price point.

You’ll have to enquire with the company to see what they will charge you. This allows them to build a suite of solutions that works for your specific needs.

Don’t like their offerings?

That’s ok, because they also have options you can put together on your own, all with custom price points that you can explore on a deeper level as well.

They focus on web hosting more than advanced servers, but they do have this in place if you need something more powerful for your company’s needs.


As far as support goes, you’ll have 24-hour support, 7 days a week, and the company prides themselves on garnering a great deal of help to their clients.

They even proudly put up their Trustpilot ratings, which stand at an 8.7 out of 10 at the present. This is a great thing, because if you aren’t sure how to use your hosting, or you run into any issues, they can assist with simplicity.

They have real-life tech support 7 days a week, so you can have peace of mind when signing up for hosting or a dedicated server with managed support, etc.


  • Fast Support

  • Versatile Hosting Solutions

  • 1-Click Applications

  • Highly Rated

  • Easy To Use


  • Dedicated Server Pricing is Confusing

  • Focused on Web Hosting


The Bottom Line

Overall, Names.co.uk has a lot going for them. They have a structured web hosting option that is great for those that are looking for no-nonsense hosting with simplicity in mind.

However, the deeper you go with this solution, the more complicated you’re going to find the options can become.

With good support, and with a great deal of bells and whistles to work through, however, you can find that this is a good resource to get you started.

There are a few downsides, such as not knowing the cost for dedicated servers, and price points that seem a bit high after the initial hosting plans, but other than that, this is a fine solution to consider to get your brand a digital slice of real estate today.

Over the last 10 years, Aden has personally managed the web hosting accounts of more than 1000 websites for small business owners across the globe. He performs regular in-depth testing on ALL featured providers to bring you the best cheap web hosting services in the UK, based on ACTUAL FACTS!