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Web Hosting UK ReviewWelcome to my Web Hosting UK review, where I will explain the reasons why Web Hosting UK is the #1 ranked cheap web hosting company out of ALL the UK providers featured on Best Cheap Web Hosting.

Let’s put Web Hosting UK to the test by reviewing page loading speeds, server security, server uptime and support, so you can see, WITHOUT a doubt, that this cheap web hosting provider is worth £2.49 per month.

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Web Hosting UK Page Loading Speed Review

Page loading speed is important for many reasons such as page loading speed is a Google ranking factor, meaning faster loading websites rank higher in search results and is also important for user experience as faster loading websites achieve better conversions and reduced bounce rate.

Before we get into the page loading speed test results for Web Hosting UK, I would just like to explain a few things, so you can better understand the testing process.

  • The page loading speed of Web Hosting UK is tested using WebPageTest, with the location set to London, browser set to Chrome and the connection set to Cable (5/1 Mbps 28ms RTT)
  • The nameservers of my testing site (getawebhosting.com/test/) are set to the ones provided by Web Hosting UK, which are shn5.whukns.com & whuk6.whukhost.com – you can verify this by checking the nameservers of getawebhosting.com over on www.whois.net
  • As with all other testing websites, I install the the latest version of WordPress (currently version 4.9.4, as of 22/03/2018) and use the default WordPress theme called Twenty Seventeen (version: 1.4)
  • I DO NOT install any additional plugins or services that could effect the page loading speed such as caching or CDN (content delivery network) like Cloudflare. It’s just a box standard WordPress install, nothing more.

With the above information in mind, here’s the page loading speed test results I performed on 17/04/2018.

Web Hosting UK Page Loading Speed Review

Web Hosting UK Page Loading Speed Review

As you can see from the test results above, the page loaded in 2.619 seconds.

Web Hosting UK Page Loading Speed Comparison

Here’s how the page loading speed of Web Hosting UK compares to the top 5 providers ranked on this website.

Web Hosting UK2.611s2.565s2.492s2.688s2.449s2.619s

Web Hosting UK Server Uptime Review

It’s highly important that your website remains online most of the time, but just so you are aware, even the worlds best servers go offline at some point as nothing is perfect, but some providers servers go offline more frequent than others, which is why I find this important to track.

As I have a testing website hosted on the servers provided by Web Hosting UK (the same hosting package I recommend on this website), I can track the server Uptime every 5 seconds using Uptime Robot.

Here’s the screenshot that displays the test results over the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days, to give you a better idea of how often the servers over at Web Hosting UK are online.

Web Hosting UK Server Uptime Review

Web Hosting UK Server Uptime Review

As you can see from the test results above, the average Uptime is:

  • 100% over the last 24 hours.
  • 100% over the last 7 days.
  • 99.86% over the last 30 days.

Track the Uptime of my test website hosted on WebHosting.UK.com here.

Web Hosting UK Server Uptime Comparison

Here’s how the server Uptime of Web Hosting UK compares to the top 5 providers ranked on this website.

Web Hosting UK99.89%99.95%99.71%99.94%99.86%99.86%

Web Hosting UK Security Review

Security is a huge factor in the rankings of the best cheap web hosting providers featured on my website, as it’s extremely important that your website files and your website visitors are safe, plus your emails are fully functional and not listed on any blacklists.

This is why I perform regular security tests on Web Hosting UK every single month, to ensure the rankings reflect the actual facts posted across all web hosting reviews.

WordPress Security Scan

In the first test, I will use the Hacker Target WordPress security scanner to test vulnerabilities of a WordPress installation.

Checks include application security, WordPress plugins, hosting environment and web server.

The scan is comprehensive and all results for each of my test websites will be posted on the review pages of each cheap web hosting company listed on the homepage.

If there is a security vulnerability on my Web Hosting UK test website, the Hacker Target WordPress security scan will find it, so here are the test results:

Web Hosting UK Server Security Review

Web Hosting UK Server Security Review

Email Security Grade

If your mail server is compromised in any way, then you will be unable to successfully send or recieve email, which can be damaging and frustrating for business owners.

As I review shared web hosting packages, the fact they are cheaper means that sometimes they attract customers who use the email servers for illegal activity, so this test ensures that Web Hosting UK are managing the security of their mail servers for shared web hosting clients.

The tool by Email Security Grader tests if the email server is secure spam proof by checking the following:

MX record verification: Identify if all you mail servers are responding and why some may not be!

Verification of DNSBL listing: Check if your domain is blacklisted anywhere – is your reputation compromised?

SPF server testing: Is SPF (Server Policy Friendly) set up properly? Are spammers able to send out spoof emails on your behalf?

SPF client testing: Can your ISP be bypassed? Can Spammers use your domain to spam?

Open relay and email format testing: Checking to see if your server is open for relay and if it accepts certain invalid from/to combinations that may make you SEEM like you are open for relay (but may not be).

Clear text authentication: Checking to see if your server accepts AUTH Login or requires a more secure form of authentication.

Here’s the test results for email server security over at Web Hosting UK:

TSOhost Email Security Grade

TSOhost Email Security Grade

As you can see above, the email security grade of Web Hosting UK is 91%.

You should be able to view the full test here.

Web Hosting UK Server Security Grade Comparison

Here’s how the server security grade of TSOhost compares to the top 5 providers ranked on this website.


Email Blacklist Test

The blacklist check will test a mail server IP address against over 100 DNS based email blacklists. (Commonly called Realtime blacklist, DNSBL or RBL).

If your mail server has been blacklisted, some email you send may not be delivered.

Email blacklists are a common way of reducing spam.

I used the tool over at MXToolBox to perform this test on my Web Hosting UK test website, getawebhosting.com/test/ which resolves to and was tested against 103 known blacklists.

Results: Listed 0 times with 0 timeouts

The test results can be verified here.

Web Hosting UK Customer Support Review

Support is also an important aspect of your web hosting experience, especially if you don’t have much experience with web hosting in general.

You need someone competent to turn to if you get in a jam, so here’s the different support options offered by Web Hosting UK.

  • Live Chat: Open 7am – midnight
  • Phone Support: Open 7am – midnight
  • Support Tickets: Open 24×7 inside your account
  • Knowledgebase: Tutorials covering most features
  • Status Centre: Discover ongoing incidents live

After testing live support over the last 12 months, I have found them to be excellent in all aspects. As they are competent enough to provide simple solutions to complex problems.

If you are new to buying web hosting and have never built a website or setup email before, then I recommend Web Hosting UK, as you will need support staff that don’t over complicate things.

Over the last 30 days, I personally rate their support 95%.

Web Hosting UK Customer Support Comparison

Here’s how the customer support rating of Web Hosting UK compares to the top 5 providers ranked on this website.


About WebHosting.uk.com

There are a lot of different UK web hosting companies, and with so many options, you may not know which one is going to be right for your needs.

Focusing on the options available, you’ll want to narrow the solutions down based on several factors. Options such as Web Hosting UK look great up front, but do they pose benefits?

That’s what the following review will shine light, especially with so many people looking for hosting today.

Without hosting, you cannot build a solid website, start a business, or get anywhere online.

Having a strong website can help you not only build a standard website, it can help with blogging, ecommerce, and so much more.

Web Hosting UK offers several unique packages and competes with other UK hosting websites on a lot of different levels.

From novices to experts, they have something to offer every technical background.

Consider the following break down of the most prominent options from this UK based hosting company.

Options Available

There are some basic packages available to start, and some more advanced solutions depending on what your needs are.

The basic options that the company offers is found with Cloud cPanel hosting. The cPanel option is a standard within web hosting, and basically allows you to login to a control panel to manage your hosting account.

Cloud based solutions are faster, easier to manage hosting options compared to standard solutions out there. They offer three major cloud variations, and they are as follows.

Cloud cPanel Starter

The starting line of options is a basic package that is similar to all other hosting companies in the UK. The price point here is at £2.49 per month.

Not a big fee to get started with a simple website. The package includes 5GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited emails, databases, and a free domain name.

It has a great deal to offer, and it’s basic through the rest of the options as well.

Cloud cPanel Premium

Stepping up to a larger solution will only garner you a small increase in price per month, and it comes with double what you’d expect from the starter package.

The tech is all the same, only you’ll get double the storage, which lets you host a lot more, and includes 5 websites outright, alongside the other elements you’d get with the basic platform starting line.

Cloud cPanel Advanced

A popular solution for many novices, the advanced option has a 20GB storage option, can host upwards of 15 sites, and comes with all of the expectations that come with the initial starter package.

That includes free domain name, technical support, cPanel, unlimited databases, and much more.

Cloud cPanel Developer

Moving up to the higher package within the cloud storage solution, you can garner 40GB of storage plus the rest of the elements that you’d expect, only now you can host unlimited websites within the confines of your hosting package.

This of course is going to give you a lot more control than you’d expect from other options, which is definitely a highlight of this company’s offerings.

This option only costs £6.99 per month, so you can see that the tiers aren’t going to break the bank if you want to upwards to the more advanced solutions.

These packages are the starting point for Web Hosting UK’s offerings. They are all going to give you a good deal of storage, fast connection points, technical support, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

This is industry standard in many ways, and at the starting price, you may want to venture to the mid-level or higher end developer package if you’re going to go with regular web hosting plans for a blog, or a business website here.

Advanced Server Packages

Those that aren’t satisfied with a simple solution for cloud hosting can move up to the dedicated server packages that are available from Web Hosting UK.

These include both HDD and SSD options, and they are rated highly for performance, speed, and dedication to the most powerful tools in the industry.

The cost break down here is going to be quite higher than the preliminary options, and rightfully so, as you’ll get far more support, and open ended settings.

The starting line in terms of pricing includes £69.99 a month pricing and gives you a quad core solution with upwards of 10 TB of bandwidth a month, fully managed solutions, and higher elements of technology depending on what your customizations are.

The heaviest of web portals may need higher storage protocols, and the company offers solutions at £409.99 a month for 16 cores, 50TB of bandwidth, and much more.

This is scaled to meet the demands of the most popular websites and programs needed for digital framework.


There is 24-hour support for members that buy any plan from Web Hosting UK.

Alongside that, you’ll also get a wide range of articles, blog posts, and information that can help you not only build a website but help you with hosting as a whole.

Unlike other companies, you can reach the dedicated server experts whenever you’d like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they’ll help you with a variety of issues that you may face off against.

This is above standard when it comes to web hosting, that’s for certain.


  • Low Cost

  • Easy To Use

  • Variable Options

  • Extensive Bandwidth Solutions

  • Great Tech Support


  • Focus on Advanced Server Solutions

  • Can Be Hard For Beginners


The Bottom Line

Overall, you’re going to find that Web Hosting UK has a lot to offer for the beginner and expert alike. They seem to focus a lot of attention on their dedicated servers more than their basic options.

However, the low-cost entry point for traditional storage and web hosting is not bad.

There are a few complexities found with getting your site up with their services, but if you’re familiar with cPanel, and work with traditional hosting in the past, you’ll find that this option is going to pay for itself over time.

Plus, the tech support option really elevates this beyond others, which is always a good thing when you need a helping hand with web hosting.


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Over the last 10 years, Aden has personally managed the web hosting accounts of more than 1000 websites for small business owners across the globe. He performs regular in-depth testing on ALL featured providers to bring you the best cheap web hosting services in the UK, based on ACTUAL FACTS!